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Standard and bespoke data streams

Data access

Access your AIS data online or your own servers the way that suits you






Reliable data enables you to make better decisions


Know exactly where the vessels are


The data is captured continuously, so you can decide what is the timeframe you need for your purposes


The focus to AIS is our sole mission, no distractions or conflicting priorities

Customer support

Our customer success teams are there for you




Make confident decisions with exactAIS

Nothing is more critical to data-driven decision-making than data accuracy. Continuous, global satellite coverage coupled with superior detection rates is paramount to delivering maritime AIS products and services of high quality to create real value for users in government and commercial sectors. Since its foundation a decade ago, exactEarth has been focused on providing the most accurate and reliable AIS data as its sole mission.

With exactAIS, You can:

  • Leverage accurate and actionable data to make better-informed decisions, even in highly congested traffic areas with enhanced vessel detection
  • Take action immediately due to real-time awareness of vessel positions in waters of interest
  • Maintain a competitive edge or create strong domain awareness based on high data quality and accurate information

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