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Make confident decisions with exactAIS

Nothing is more critical to data-driven decision-making than data accuracy. Continuous, global satellite coverage coupled with superior detection rates is paramount to delivering maritime AIS products and services of high quality to create real value for users in government and commercial sectors. Since its foundation a decade ago, exactEarth has been focused on providing the most accurate and reliable AIS data as its sole mission.

Due to substantial growth in merchant shipping and global vessel tracking using Automatic Identification System (AIS), the demand for AIS data has become ubiquitous across many governments and industries worldwide.

AIS is used in applications ranging from pollution control and environmental monitoring to vessel routeing and traffic management, security and geofencing and validation of vessel declaration, fisheries protection, vessel safety monitoring and vessel performance analysis.

AIS data plays a crucial role in the vessel performance toolkits; it creates valuable and reliable vessel routing data for advanced vessel performance analytics. AIS data generates a decision-making foundation in transforming performance data into actionable information.

AIS data importance to commercial and government users is set to increase further as pressure grows to monitor carbon and sulphur emissions on a vessel by vessel basis. The data gathered from ships will be used to correlate to emissions for compliance with local and international regulations and for broader energy efficiency performance that will feed into the relationship between shipowners and their finance providers.

The exactAIS was created in response to an ever-increasing demand for a real-time, highly persistent, satellite-based global vessel tracking service. At the core of the exactAIS family of services is exactView RT, exactEarth's second-generation satellite constellation. exactView RT consists of over 65 payloads hosted onboard the Iridium NEXT constellation of satellites and can deliver AIS data services from any vessel, anywhere on the globe, and relaying that data securely to customers in real-time. The exactAIS provides an up-to-date and accurate view of the world's shipping activities.

With exactAIS, You can:

  • Leverage accurate and actionable data to make better-informed decisions, even in highly congested traffic areas with enhanced vessel detection
  • Take action immediately due to real-time awareness of vessel positions in waters of interest
  • Maintain a competitive edge or create strong domain awareness based on high data quality and accurate information.

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